Medical & Surgical Supply Catalog

Our website is designed to give a general idea of the types of products we offer. Some products shown here may not be available due to distributorship issues, changes in our buying group's vendor list, or discontinuation of product by the manufacturer.

Alcohol Prep Pads, Medium
Cotton App. General , 8"
Cotton Tipped Applicator, 3"
Cotton Tipped Applicator, 6"
Cotton Tipped Appl-Mini, 6"
Micro Tipped Applicator, 6"
Povidine-Iodine Prep Pad, Medium
Povidine-Iodine Swab Stick
Povidine Swabsticks
Scopette Swabs Single
Swabstick, Lemon Glycerine
Tongue Depressor, Jr
Tongue Depressor, Reg
Bandage Strips, 3/4"X3"
Bandage Strips Plastic, Ex-Large
Coverlet 4-Wing, 3"X3"
Coverlet Digit, Large Finger Tip
Coverlet Digit, Small Finger Tip
Coverlet Knuckles, 1.5"X3"
Coverlet Patches, 2"X3"
Coverlet Spots, 1.25"
Coverlet Spots, 7/8"
Coverlet Strips, 1"X3"
Coverlet Strips, 3/4"X3"
Towelettes, Antiseptic
Bandage Spots Sheer, 15/16"
Bandage Strips Sheer, 1"X3"
Bandage Strips Sheer, 3/4"X3"
Bandage Strips Sheer, Jr
Coverlet Eye Occlusor
Coverlet Toe Shields, 2.5"X1.75"
Elastic Bandage, 2"X 5 Yd
Elastic Bandage, 3"X 5 Yd
Elastic Bandage, 4"X 5 Yd
Elastic Bandage, 6"X 5 Yd
Gauze Non-Adherent Pads, 3"X4"
Gauze Pad Non-Adherent, 2"X3"
Kerlix Generic, 4.5" Us
Unnas Boot Dressing, 3"
Unnas Boot Dressing, 4"
Band-Aid Bandages Sheer, 3/4"X3"
Cohesive Bandage, 1" Tan
Cohesive Bandage, 2" Tan
Cohesive Bandage, 3" Tan
Gauze Rolls, 2" 2-Ply
Gauze Rolls, 3" 2-Ply
Gauze Rolls, 4" 2-Ply
Gauze Sponge, 2"X2" 12-Ply
Gauze Sponge, 3"X3" 12-Ply
Gauze Sponge, 4"X4" 12-Ply
Gauze Sponges, 2"X2" 8-Ply
Gauze Sponges, 4"X4" 8-Ply
Band-Aid Sheer Strips, 1"X3"
Coban Self-Adherent Wrap, 1"
Coban Self-Adherent Wrap, 2"
Coban Self-Adherent Wrap, 3"
Co-Flex Adherent Wrap, 1"
Co-Flex Adherent Wrap, 2"
Co-Flex Self-Adherent Wrap, 3"
Gauze Pads Sterile, 2"X2"
Gauze Pads Sterile, 3"X3"
Gauze Pads Sterile, 4"X4"
Kerlix Generic 4.5" Sterile
Kerlix Rolls Non-Sterile, 4.5"X147"
Kerlix Rolls Sterile, 4.5"X147"
Cast Tape, 3" Fiberglass
Cast Tape , 4" Fiberglass
Cast Tape, 4" Fiberglass
Co-Flex Adherent Wrap, 4" 8,
Webril Bandage, Kendall, 2"
Webril Bandage, Kendall, 3"
Webril Bandage, Kendall, 4"
Webril Bandage, Kendall, 6"
Cups Plastic, 3.5 Oz
Medicine Cups, .75 Oz Paper
Medicine Cups, Grad 1 Oz Plastic
Plaster Bandage, 3"X5 Yd
Plaster Bandage, 4"X5 Yd
Plaster Bandage, 5"X5 Yd
Plaster Bandage, 6"X5 Yd
Plaster Splints, 4"X15"
Plaster Splints, 5"X30"
Stockinet Cotton, 2"X25 Yd
Stockinet Cotton, 3"X25 Yd
Stockinet Cotton, 4"X25 Yd
Stockinet Cotton, 6"X25 Yd
8 Oz Foam Cups
Chemstrip Accuchek
Cholestech Plungers 50S
Coaguchek Cartridges
Cups Plastic, 5 Oz
Hemoglobin A1C Dca2000
Multistix-10 Sg Strips
Multistix-Pro Strips
Pregnancy Qustick Hcg
Preg. Test Accutest
Strep A Accutest
Uristix-4 Reagent Strips
Cholestech Alt & Ast
Cholestech Cap Tube 50S
Cholestech Labels
Cholestech Lipid Profile
Cholestech Pipette Tips
Clarity Ifob
Coloscan Es Lab Pack
Coloscan Es Take Home Pk
Coloscan Fecal Blood
Coloscan Lab Pack
Diascreen 4 N L
Diascreen Liquid Control
Diascreen Strip Gp-2
One Touch Control
Blood Lancets, One-Step
Ekg Paper Ct Red 50Mm
Ekg Paper For Burdick
Ekg Paper For Schiller
Ekg Paper Mac100, 1200
Multistix 10Sg Urs
One Touch Surestep Strip
One Touch Ultra Control
One Touch Ultra Strips
Preg. Test Proadvantage
Preg. Test Rediscreen
Strep A Quickvue In-Line
Strep A Rediscreen
Brewer Access Exam Table
Cardiovit At-1
Cardiovit At-2
Ecg Electrode Alligator
Ecg Electrode Economy
Ecg Electrode Ext-Large
Ecg Electrode Hltr/Stres
Ecg Electrode Nikotab E
Ekg Paper Schiller 3 Chan
Generic Pb Sensors
Med Equipt Design Mouthpieces
Ndd Spirette Mouthpieces
Spirometrics Mouthpieces
Glove Latex Powder-Free
Glove Proadvantage Vinyl
Glove Vinyl Powder-Free
Mac 1600 Interpretive Electrocardiograph
Obstetrical Doppler
Ritter 152 Halogen Exam Light
Vascular Doppler W/8 Mhz Probe
Glove Latex Proadvantage
Gloves Surgical Sterile
Water For Irrigation - 500Ml
Water For Irrigation - 1000Ml
Water For Irrigation - 1500Ml
Water For Irrigation - 3000Ml
Ammonia Inhalants
Dextrose 5% In Water, 250Ml
Infusion Set Butterfly
I.V. Administration Set Basic
I.V. Catheter 22G 1"
Lactated Ringers Soln, 1000Ml
Liner Poly (H6036Mb)
Liner Poly Pail 16X14X36
Saf-T Intima 24G .75"
Sodium Chloride 0.9% Iv Bag, 500Ml
Sodium Chloride 0.9% Iv Bag, 1000Ml
Water For Injection - 1000Ml
Bacitracin Foilpac - 1/32 Oz
Bacitracin Ointment Usp
Bacitracin Zinc Ointment
Hydrocortisone Cream - 1%
Liner Poly Pail 22X14X58
Liner Poly Pail 23X10X39
Ophthalmoscope, 3.5 Volt
Petrolatum White
Waste Can 12-Gal - Steel
Waste Can Slim Jim 23-Gal
Welch Allyn Macroviewtm Otoscope
Capes 3-Ply T/P/T Blue
Handle Battery, 3.5 Volt
Mask Face Yellow Ear Loop
Ophthalmoscope Pan Optic
Ophthalmoscope Pocket
Oto-Ophthalmoscope Set
Otoscope Head Fiberoptic
Otoscope Specula, Disp
Otoscope/Throat Light
Table Paper Econo Crepe
Transformer Wall And Handle
Drape Sheet White, 2-Ply, 40"X48"
Facial Tissues, 100/Bx
Gown Exam T/P/T Blue, 42"
Gown Exam T/P/T White, 42"
Ibuprofen Tabs 400 Mg
Pillow Case Tis/Poly, 21"X30"
Table Paper Smooth, 18"X3"
Table Paper Smooth, 21"X 3"
Toilet Tissue - 96 Rl/Cs
Towel Rolls
Towels C-Fold, White
Towels Multifold Gen1509
Towel Swabee White 3-Ply, 13.5"X18"
Acetaminophen (Apap) Tab
Aspirin 5 Gr. Tablets
Fine Surgical Blade Ster, #10
Fine Surgical Blade Ster, #15
Fine Surgical Blade Ster, #20
Fine Surgical Blade Ster, Ss #10
Fine Surgical Blade Ster, Ss #11
Fine Surgical Blade Ster, Ss #12
Fine Surgical Blade Ster, Ss #60
Surgical Scalpels, #20
Fine Surgical Blade Ster, Ss #15
Fine Surgical Blade Ster, Ss #20
Knife Handle, #3
Sharps Collector, 1 Qt - Red
Sharps Collector, Ex-Large
Sharps Collector, Large
Sharps Collector, Medium
Sharps Collector, Small
Sharps Collector, Wall Mount
Sharps Container 5 Qt - Sage
Surgical Scalpels, #10 27,
Surgical Scalpels, #11 27,
Surgical Scalpels, #15 27,
Aprilfresh Antiseptic Gel
Blood Lancets, Safe-T
Dial Antimicrobial Soap
Dial Basic Liquid Lotion Soap
Purell Sanitizer Foam
Sharps In-Room Disposal System
Tourniquet Latex-Free
Vacutainer Bld Coll. Set - 23X3/4 Ss.
Vacutainer Blood Collect - 21X3/4
Autoclave Tape , 3/4"
Blood Lancets, 23G
Confirm Spor Test
Metricide Sterilization Solution
Specimen Cups, Non-Sterile
Specimen Cups, Sterile
Sterilization Pouches, 10"X15"
Sterilization Tubing, 2"X100
Sterilization Tubing, 3"X100
Vacutainer Holders
Vacutainer Plus Tubes, 4Ml 13 X 75
Vacutainer Red/Gray 7.5Ml
Vacutainer W/Hemoguard, 4Ml 13 X 75
Omnicide 28 Gluteraldehyde
Omnicide Ns (Starcide) Soln
Sterilization Pouches, 3.5" 5.25"
Sterilization Pouches, 3.5"X9"
Sterilization Pouches, 5.25"X10
Sterilization Pouches, 7.5"X13"
Sterilization Tubing, 4"X100
Sterilization Tubing, 6"X100
Steth. Littmann, 27"
Stethoscope Littmann, 27"
Stethoscope Littmann, 28"
Stethoscope Littmann Se, 28"
Blood Pressure Mobile
Blood Pressure Unit Black
Blood Pressure Unit Blue
Blood Pressure Wall Unit
Forceps Thumb Splinter
Scissors Bandage Lister
Stethoscope Cardiology, 27"
Stethoscope Dualhead 30"
Stethoscope Nurse Sngl Head
Stethoscope Single Head, 30"
Stethoscope Sprague, 22"
Forceps Adson Dressing
Forceps Kelly
Forceps Russian Tissue
Forceps Thumb Tissue
Forceps Tissue Adson
Needle Holder Mayo Hegar
Needle Holder Webster
Scissors Iris
Scissors Operating
Scissors Stitch Littauer
Scissors Stitch Spencer
Suture Nylon Black Mono
Suture Polyglycolic Acid
Suture Polyglycolic C6
Sutures Nylon Black Mono
Syringe Safety 21G 1 1/2"
Syringe Safety 22G 1"
Syringe Safety 22G 1 1/2"
Syringe Safety 23G 1"
Syringe Safety 25G 5/8"
Syringe Safety Syr Only
Syringe Safety Syr Tb 1Cc
Syringe Hypo 3Cc 21Gx1"
Syringe Hypo 20Gx1"
Syringe Hypo 21Gx1.5"
Syringe Hypo 22Gx1.5"
Syringe Hypo 22Gx1.25"
Syringe Hypo 23Gx1"
Syringe Hypo 25Gx5/8"
Syringe Hypo 27G 1/2"
Syringe Insulin 1/2Cc
Syringe & Needle 1Cc
Syringe Safety Syr 3Cc
Syringe Tb 1Cc 25G 5/8"
Syringe Tb 1Cc 26G 1/2"
Tb Syringe Only 100/Bx
Syringe Hypo 5Cc 20G 1"
Syringe Hypo 18Gx1.5"
Syringe Hypo 20Gx1.5"
Syringe Hypo 21Gx1.25"
Syringe Hypo 22Gx1" 36,
Syringe Hypo 22Gx 3/4"
Syringe Hypo 25Gx1"
Syringe Hypo 25Gx1.5"
Syringe Hypo 27Gx1.25"
Syringe & Needle 10Cc
Needle Hypo 18Gx1"
Needle Hypo 18Gx1.5"
Needle Hypo 20Gx1"
Needle Hypo 20Gx1.5"
Needle Hypo 21Gx1"
Needle Hypo 21Gx1.5"
Needle Hypo 22Gx1"
Needle Hypo 22Gx1.5"
Needle Hypo 23Gx1"
Needle Hypo 25Gx1"
Needle Hypo 25Gx1.5"
Needle Hypo 25Gx5/8"
Needle Hypo 26Gx1/2"
Needle Hypo 27Gx1/2"
Syringe Hypo Only 38,
Blenderm Tape, 1"
Blenderm Tape, 1/2"
Blenderm Tape, 2"
Micropore Tape, 1"
Micropore Tape, 1/2"
Needle Hypo 27Gx1.5"
Needle Hypo 27Gx1.25"
Needle Hypo 30Gx1"
Needle Hypo 30Gx1/2"
Transpore Tape, 1"
Transpore Tape, 1/2"
Transpore Tape, 2"
Transpore Tape, 3"
Transpore Tape, Single Use, 2"
Ad Tape Durapore, 1"
Ad Tape Durapore, 1/2"
Ad Tape Durapore, 2"
Ad Tape Durapore , 3"
Micropore Tape, 2"
Micropore Tape, 3"
Paper Tape, 1" Surgical
Paper Tape , 2" Surgical
Paper Tape, 3" Surgical
Silky Surgical Tape, 1"
Silky Surgical Tape, 2"
Silky Surgical Tape, 3"
Transparent Surg Tape, 1"
Transparent Surg Tape, 2"
Transparent Surg Tape, 3"
Echo Paper For Sony Upp
Echo Paper Sony Brand
Thermometer Adtemp 427
Thermometer Digital
Thermometer Sheaths
Thermometer Suretemp
Thermometer Suretemp +
Thermoscan Pro4000 Ear
Thermoscan Thermometer
Ultrasonic Transmission
Vaginal Specula, Large
Lub Jelly Surgilube
Lubricating Jelly, 5 Oz
Vaginal Specula, Medium
Vaginal Specula, Small
Vaginal Speculum Graves
Vaginal Speculum, Large
Vaginal Speculum, Pederson

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